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Monday, July 16th, 2012 07:47 pm
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I never thought myself the center of the universe. It was always my father. And once he lost his mind and his sun exploded, he took the rest of us with him.

Perhaps that was why my mother didn't pay as much attention to me as my sisters. She claims it's because I didn't need it--with an IQ over 130, walking and talking before I was one, reading and writing at three, I was intellectually independent. But I'm no Kaiba--and even if I was I'd be a Mokuba not a Seto. I needed emotional support, so I leaned on him.

Suffice it to say my father was sufficiently unstable to leave me with a pile of mental scars and yet had an amazing charisma for a crazy man.

I don't miss him. I miss the idea of him--my daddy--but my soul has finally been freed from the man. I won't go through the journey right now: the step-fathers, the police, the hospital, wild things that would make you grateful that I can function in society; today I saw my step-mother in the middle of Fulton Mall, not half a block from where I live, and had a very delayed reaction. Not the usual PTSD, but a simple 'oh my gosh that was her!' that lasted a few hours and caught me when my mind drifted.

I hope that means my Mokuba days are coming to an end. Right now, I'm fine if at least one person appreciates me. I hope one day I'll be the one to appreciate myself.

Seto needs love though. Jou can do the job quite nicely, since Seto-nii has a saving people thing.

so what i am doing

Monday, July 9th, 2012 10:41 pm
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I give up on making people see sense. Please remind me next time I go crazy.

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