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I have a lot of them--all of them are imaginary, but when you need protecting you don't mind if they are. I have Legolas, Seto-nii (you've already met), Draco Malfoy (if he promises to stay good), Carlisle, Clark Kent, Dick Grayson, Logan, Kakashi, Jack O'Neill and Rayek.

For those who don't know Rayek--go to to read the whooolllleee series--and let me tell you something. The series is thirty something years old now, so I'm not offended if you don't know that this icon shows one of his 'soft' faces. The dude is snarkier than a snark, no offense to snakes, sharks, or any other said animal. He runs away for five years because the girl he loves marries another.... and then when he sees her again, he kidnaps her! Not right away of course, but it was a rather stupid thing to do..... Plus a lot of the mess that follows him around is his fault.

But he's completely loyal to those he loves. He heals Leetah's lifemate Cutter because he loves her--otherwise the Chief of the Wolfriders would be DEAD before dark.

Plus he teaches magic to her kid, and rescues an old rockshaper, and saves his daughter from the machinations of the head evil woman (whom he almost had an affair with after she used her magic to seduce him and make him destroy a mountain).

I supposed to be making you like him! Damnit, this guy is awfully emo. So totally SASUKE! Of course Sasuke would have been based off of him XP which means

Rayek, pretty boy, powerful magical elf, loyal big brother--

You were the original Emo!

So so sorry.....

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